ESR5 – R. Lopes

ESR 5 - Lopes Lopes, Rui (ESR5)
National Physical Laboratory
Hampton Road
TW11 0LW
Tel.: +44 020 8943 8661
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I am Rui Lopes, from Portugal, and I am the Early Stage Researcher number 5 from the Internacional Traning Network Marie Curie “Nanomotion”. I am a PhD student from the University of Leeds and based at the National Physical Laboratory. I recive my Master degree in Engineer in Physics from the University of Aveiro in 2010. My field of study during my master was energy harvesting using piezoelectric material. During that time I setup a few experiences to study energy harvesting using the direct effect of the piezoelectric material. After finishing my master I keep working at the University of Aveiro in the same field, harvesting energy, but using lead free materials.

My research focus on the charaterization of heteroscrutures at the nanoscale in multiferroic materials. The advanced properties of bulk multiferroic materials hinge on the intimate magneto-electric (ME) coupling, which occurs between the ordered ferroic phases inside the multiferroic materials. Multiferroic suitability for a wide range of applications has already been demonstrated. The next development stage, and part of my work, in the physics of solid-state multiferroics is their transition from bulk to thin film structures. The study of those materials at the nanoscale using techniques such as Magnetic Force Microscopy, Piezoresponse Force Microscopy and Magnetic Optical Kerr Effect and many other will ensure their commercialization and integration to the existing micro/nano silicon and data storage technologies.

More information can be found in the work package 2 (WP2) more precisely under ESR5. Feel free to contact me at if you have any enquiry.