ESR10 – H.-Y. Amanieu

ESR 10 - Amanieu Amanieu, Hugues-Yanis (ESR10)
Robert Bosch GmbH
Applied Research 1 – Advanced Functional and Sintered Materials – Material Characterization and Component Design (CR/ARM1)
Postfach 10 60 50
70049 Stuttgart
Phone: +49(711)811-7964
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Hello everybody,

My name is Hugues-Yanis Amanieu, also known as “ESR10″. I’m originally from France where I obtained my “Diplôme d’ingénieur” (M.Sc.) in Physics Engineering at INSA Toulouse in Sept 2011.  One of my academic projects consisted in making O2 micro-sensors based on WO3 nanorods. My team and I had to do the synthesis, the deposition and the characterization of the nanorods.

I had the chance to do two internships related to lithium ion batteries. The first one was in the group of Prof. Schougaard in  UQAM (Montréal, Canada) and lasted three month in 2010. It was a good introduction to the technology and electrochemistry: I had to design a Scanning Ion-Conductance Microscope to measure the local lithium activity of active materials. Then in 2011, I did my end-of-study internship in Philips Research (Eindhoven, the Netherlands) in a more industrial environment. This 7-month project consisted in characterizing the ageing of lithium-ion batteries upon cycling for automotive applications.

Now I am developing techniques to characterize the mechanical properties of active materials used in lithium-ion batteries at the (sub)micro scale. You can find more information in the description of my project.

Already interested by physics and energy technologies , I acquired besides a strong taste for instrumentation and (big) data analysis. I like to be at the frontier between academic research and industrial applications. For this reason, I found my place in the Corporate Research department of Bosch and I am very happy to be part of the Nanomotion program.

I wish you a nice visit on our NANOMotion website and please feel free to contact me if you have any comments or questions concerning my project or the website.

Best Regards,

Hugues-Yanis Amanieu