Welcome to NANOMotion!

The focus of modern solid-state technology is shifting from applications based on a single property (e.g., electric, magnetic, and elastic) to those based on coupling of different fields where a coupled materials response can be either used for characterization or be a basis for novel applications.

Novel nanoelectromechanical tools (Piezoresponse Force Microscopy – PFM, Electrochemical Strain Microscopy – ESM), as well as their combination with traditional Scanning Probe Microscopies (SPM) have recently led to a substantial progress in the development of novel multiferroics, photovoltaic materials, biopiezoelectrics, and even battery materials with  improved properties.

Emergent field of nanoelectromechanics requires coordinated action at the European level as further progress in this field largely relies on the education and dissemination of best practices in application of PFM/ESM to a large number of functional materials.

In this project, we study a coupled electromechanical response of materials (i.e., mechanical deformation under applied electric bias) that can be used for the investigation of diverse materials classes at the nanoscale. The materials list includes piezoelectrics, ferroelectrics, multiferroics, ionic conductors, and polar biomaterials as well as the composites on their base.

NANOMOTION is intended to train the next generation of engineers and technologists in the fundamental aspects of the nanoelectromechanics, to apply advanced PFM/ESM tools to study a wide range of functional materials, and to create a European-based pool of researchers in this area. This should lead to a substantial progress in the development of novel nanoscale functional materials for future emergent applications.